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We’re not just a directory; we’re a community of dog lovers. At DogServ, we get it – your dog isn’t a pet; they’re family. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting you with the very best in dog care, whether that’s a top-notch groomer, a trusted dog walker, or an experienced vet.

DogServ was born from our own love of dogs and a simple realization: finding reliable, quality dog services shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt. We know the joy our furry friends bring, and the pain of losing them too soon. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping dogs live their best lives with the care they deserve.

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  • For Dog Service Businesses: We know running your business is a labor of love. That’s why we’ve built a platform designed to help you reach more dog owners, streamline your bookings, and grow your reach. Think of us as your marketing sidekick, always working to bring you new clients.

  • For Dog Lovers: We want to make finding quality dog services simple and stress-free. From routine care to those special pampering sessions, we’re your go-to resource for everything your furry best friend needs to thrive.

  • Dog-First Focus: Every listing is reviewed to ensure we highlight only those providers who share our love of dogs.

  • Community Connection: We’re more than just a list; we’re a place to discover helpful blog posts, dog-related news, and connect with other passionate dog owners.
  • Your Success is Our Success: Our friendly team is here to support you every step of the way, whether you’re a business owner or a pet parent.

A Sneak Peek: Dog Care Tips

  • Does your pup have itchy skin? It could be allergies or something more. Here are a few things to look for…
  • Nail trims stressing you out? Learn the desensitization technique that makes it easier…
  • Is your dog suddenly refusing walks? This might be why…


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At DogServ, we’re dedicated to connecting dog lovers to the best local services. Scroll, click, and discover – because every pooch deserves the perfect match.

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